job costing

The material costs of a job can be ascertained from the BOM or materials abstract prepared by the costing department using the materials requisition form. In a system, each job or work order is of a specific nature. The sophistication of the information systems that are used to track job costs. Process costing, on the other hand, breaks down costs over a given time frame, which is particularly useful when the cost of individual units or job outputs can’t easily be differentiated.

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Management Accounting

Other features such as a GPS time clock make it easy for everyone to clock in and get paid for their time. With a multi-talented workforce, it’s vital that they have the right mix of people at each event. When they’re working with a mixture of full-time and part-time employees, this can be complicated. To do this efficiently, they’ve got to be able to cost their jobs well and they’ve got to be on top of scheduling. One day they can be catering for a 1,000 person event, the next an intimate 8 person meal. It’s not always easy to get a definitive figure for your costs.

Of course, in the days of computerized job costing software, journaling costs manually is an obsolete process. Such hand-journaling is mandatory for companies that continue to use general accounting software to do job costing.

Why Is Accurate Job Costing Important?

If a job consists of a number of units of production, the total cost of the job is divided by the number of units to calculate the cost per unit. The job costing system must track the cost of the labor used on a job. If a job is related to services, direct labor may comprise nearly all of the job cost. Direct labor is typically assigned to a job with a timecard , timesheet , or with a networked time clock application on a computer.

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